You May Need An Attorney – Tractor Trailer Accident Cases

When you are out on the road you can never predict what could happen. One moment everything could be fine and the next you could find yourself the victim of a tractor trailer crash. Even with your best efforts to avoid this from happening, it may be unavoidable. You need to remain as calm as possible if it happens and try not to panic. This could make a bad situation even worse. You need the services of an attorney – tractor trailer accident incidents are nothing to trifle with – but first you need to breathe and do everything you can to make sure that you and everyone involved in the accident are safe and out of harm’s way.

If you think that your injuries are of the serious variety then do your best not to move at all until help arrives on site. If you believe your injuries are only minor such as cuts and bruises then if you are able to walk, take a look around the scene. If the accident was serious enough then there might be life threatening injuries to think about or the potential of imminent danger, such as a car catching fire. Call 911 immediately and do whatever you can to prevent any secondary accidents from occurring. Once everything is under control and you have received the medical help you require, you can think about talking to the police and contacting an attorney; tractor trailer accident specialty attorneys are preferred.

When the police show up at the accident scene tell them the facts as you know them so they can write everything down in their report. It is important that you do not admit to being at fault for the accident. If you are too upset to talk tractor insurance with the authorities then let them know that once you calm down you will be able to tell them your side of the story. You need time to calm your jangled nerves following the incident and to pull yourself together.

You will need to inform your insurance company of what took place. You may wish to hire a lawyer to deal with the insurance people. When they are first contacted they will want to know the details of the crash. Find out what you can about vehicle recovery when you talk with them (some would rather talk with an attorney; tractor trailer accident cases can be complex). Some insurance providers will choose to send their own team of employees to the crash site to look around while others will not.

An accident involving your motor vehicle and a tractor trailer can be very harrowing and can leave you shaken. Once you receive the medical care you require for your injuries you need to seek legal representation.

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