Unsure About University? Consider a Distance Learning Course

If you didn’t get the A-Levels you needed for your university choices, or even if you did and just can’t bear the thought of being in £23,000 worth of debt in three years time, then it doesn’t mean that further education is out of your reach. In fact, you are probably of the generation with the biggest choice of non-uni further education opportunities to date. So what choices do you have?

Of course, you could do what so many successful individuals have done and get a full-time job. But a full time job with training will be even better, and more fulfilling bang dai hoc in the long term. An increasing number of companies are introducing comprehensive training schemes for their workers even if they had initially not intended to offer them to those who weren’t really interested. However, after the credit crunch and the subsequent recession, more and more businesses are understanding the need for a stimulated and dedicated workforce – and at-work training is a great means to achieving this, and easier to roll out with the advent of online learning technologies.

If you are eager to start work but cannot find a job with decent training, a distance learning course is likely to be your best bet. More and more universities, colleges, and independent providers are offering distance learning degree courses ranging from foundation to MA level – and the best thing is that they allow you to keep working while you study. This is typically achieved by offering more asynchronous study than is available on a traditional university course, meaning that you don’t have to attend lectures in real time, and you can study when it fits you.

Despite the importance of asynchronous study on online and distance learning courses, it does not mean that such courses allow for any less interaction between students and lecturers. Online technologies such as chat rooms, forums, and seminars mean that there are plenty of opportunities for real time conversation should you want it. Such technologies make online learning very quick and efficient should you have a question or query about the course, or if you want work marked or critiqued.

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