One Example Of An Email Sequence For Your Email Marketing Campaign

In this article, I want to give you just one example of what you can do for your first 10 emails in an email marketing campaign. I want to highly stress this is just one example of what you can do. The reality is that as your business grows and after you have enough results to draw conclusions from, you’ll need to tweak your email campaign based on the results you get Email1and1 . Some emails will get a lot of people opening them while other emails will be like a locked vault. So, this sequence can be a place to start from, and then you can adjust later.

The first email you should send out is the downloadable link for the free gift you offered them on your squeeze page. This email should be pretty easy because all you have to do is just tell them ‘here’s your free gift’. Keep it short and simple. The next email you should send out will be a free article or a free ebook. The idea here is to give them some free content they aren’t expecting right from the start. This helps build your rapport with your readers.

The next email I like to use is an email asking for their help or asking for their feedback. This is an important email because I want to get them responding to me and I want them to get in the habit of replying to my questions. This does two huge things. One, they get the opportunity to tell me exactly what they want to learn about and… two, they will trust me more when I actually send them a personal response back. Responding back to them is HUGE!

The next two emails will be content emails where I send them quality content that gives them value and ‘nuggets of gold’. At this point, I’m 5 emails deep and I’ll I’ve done so far is give them content. I’m building a relationship with them and so far I’ve only given them stuff. I haven’t asked for anything in return.

The next email can be a product offer. Now there’s a couple of ways to do this. You can just send out an email with the product offer via a link, or you can send them a content email that relates to the product offer and recommend the product somewhere in the content when it makes the most sense. I personally recommend the second option because the reader gets both content and an opportunity to buy something from you.

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