Incredibly Simple Ways to Step-Up Traffic on Your Blog

The one thing everyone has in mind when beginning a blog is web traffic. When you first sit down to create your blog content, your dream is to get your message to as many people as you can. However, if you are not getting any page views, then you know your message isn’t getting out there.

Let’s face it. Nowadays, everyone has a social networking page, be it Facebook, Twitter or MySpace. One of the reasons why your blog isn’t getting as many hits as you would want is because people don’t know of the blog’s existence Sherry Dyson. Try posting the link to your blog in your status update or tweet and this move will guarantee more people visiting your blog.

When you’re really hungry and you go to a buffet table, there is a sudden feeling of being full. You go from ‘I could eat an elephant’ to ‘I’ll just sample a little of that and that’ in a split second. Well, the same principle applies to web pages. When someone is doing research or simply reading for fun, the lesser someone has to read the more appealing a page is. It’s easier for someone to find what they are looking for in an 800 word article than a 3000 word one.

3. Comment on other people’s blogs

Most people give comments that are almost predictable. When you’re going through a blog’s comments, some of the most popular posts you are bound to see are ‘another good one’ or ‘great job’. When you do comment on a blog, be sure to back it up with some strong rational thoughts. This way, you will get the much deserved attention. People will want to know more about you and plus, this could be the beginning of a beautiful relationship between you and the blogger.

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