How to Design and Build a Nightclub Or Restaurant

If you ready to Design and Build your nightclub or restaurant you need to get familiar with a process. There is things like: design, architectural drawings, city approval, permits, general contractor, build out, location, impact fees, inspections, liquor license and more. If you planning on running the project by yourself to “save money”, you might as well just get yourself a job, I am serious. Amount of time you need for research, dealing with different professionals and city, find your way to have everything synchronized and work in timely matter, stress of people not showing on time or doing things wrong, getting change orders and overpay for others mistakes, oh boy, I’ve seen it all.

When it comes to do it right, you need to find yourself a team / company who does nightclub development for a living.

Here how this works.

I assume you got your finances together.

You start with concept, take it to your team and let them investigate a location you found or refer you to right place in town if you not familiar with it. You don’t want to convert existing retail places to nightclubs. Why? IMPACT FEE. City will charge you a lot of money for it. You want to find existing nightclub place and remodel it.

Now you’re ready for design. Your team will come up with design and photo renders that you can present to your investors, landlord and city for approval. When you negotiate terms with landlord, don’t forget that you improving his property in value, so he wants you there. NEVER PAY RENT until your place designed, build, inspected and ready for business.You sign lease with landlord but as I mentioned before your first payment will be after your place build.

Now your design goes to an Architect, who plays an important role in your team. He will transform design in to drawings that city will approve and issue permits for construction. Here is one step that I have to mention – GENERAL CONTRACTOR. That is you most valuable player on the team. Its his license going on the project, plans, permits and he is the one who will coordinate and manage entire project. He will be dealing with inspectors and other professionals.

When it come to working with a city, getting permits, approvals and resolving any issues you need expediter. He or she knows everyone in the building department and can have things done fast. Time is always your friend, FASTER YOU OPEN FOR BUSINESS – FASTER YOU START MAKE MONEY.

Other things like: liqueur license, hiring staff, marketing and advertising, getting free liquor for opening (promotions) are something your team will assist you with also.

Wish you LUCK and I hope this article is helpful.

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