How to Add More Memory to Your Computer

If you need to increase the memory capacity of your computer you have the choice of doing it yourself. Follow these steps:

1) Make sure your computer is switched off from the mains and that all power cables and other cables are disconnected.

2) Remove the casing from your computer by unscrewing the screws at the back. Refer to your user manual if you are not sure about this.

3) To test for static electricity touch a metal object first to neutralise the static electricity before working pgslot in side your desktop computer.

4) You need to identify the location of the memory card slots. These can be identified as they usually are 3 or 4 slots together. These are commonly called Dual Inline Memory Modules (DIMM). However check with your user manual to confirm this.

5) If you have an old memory card that you are replacing then remove that first. Depending on the model of your computer you may have clips on each side of the memory slots. These secure the memory card so you need to unlock these clips first. It is less complicated to insert a new memory card as all you have to do is to insert your new memory card into one of the empty slots. In order to determine if you are using the right size of memory for your computer always check with your user manual first.

6) When you have purchased your new memory card remove it carefully from its packaging. Carefully hold the memory card by its edges. Line it up with the slot and gently insert the new memory card into the slot. If the slot has the clip locking system then push the clips back in to secure the card.

7) When the new card is secured in place make a final check to ensure there are no wires that have been disconnected or that you have left any screws inside your computer. When you have made your check screw back the computer cover with a screwdriver.

8) Connect the computer back to the mains and reconnect all power the cables and hardware cables and switch it back on. Your desktop will identify that new memory hardware has been installed.

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