How the UK Freight Forwarders Operates

If you have a business that requires regular shipments to various European countries, then it would be prudent to enlist the services of UK freight forwarding companies. But how do you choose the best one for your needs? UK freight forwarding services can either be in a small company category, or else could be a full service provider that offers both parcel and courier services. Knowing all about these types of forwarding companies would make it easier for you to pick the right one for your requirements.

UK freight forwarding

As far as the size of a UK freight forwarding services company is concerned, you should know from the start whether it is a small, medium or large player in the market. Do you want an international shipment and freight forwarder in UK which, irrespective of the size, geographical location and the time,UK freight forwarding would do everything it takes for your goods to reach your ultimate destination on time? Or are you satisfied with small UK forwarders who only handle single shipments and have no other commitments outside the country? Are you ready to make a choice based on facts and not feelings or concepts? These questions will help you assess the performance of the UK freight forwarding services in terms of prompt delivery, cost effectiveness and security measures.

The UK international freight forwarding industry is one that has specific requirements for the type of shipments that it handles. Some shipments have to cross international borders and others require special clearance procedures before they reach their destinations. All types of shipments, however, fall under the general heading of ‘commerce’ and are therefore covered by UK laws. This means that all UK freight forwarding companies need to ensure that they are adequately prepared to deal with all scenarios that might arise when transiting the 5 seas.

For instance, China is a very important nation that we are closely tied with and many of our products to get their beginnings from China. However, as trade continues to grow between the two nations there will be an increasing need for UK freight forwarding services to ensure that our goods can reach their desired destinations on time. China is also a popular international shipping destination for several products, including automobiles and electronics. Because China is well known for the safe handling of its products as well as the strict safety regulations regarding food, China’s role as a port of call for UK freight forwarding services is expanding at a rapid pace.

India is another major destination for UK cargo movements. Many of the goods that we send and receive through the UK involve the movement of goods over land, via air freight services or on special trains that are run by private companies. Unfortunately, India is not always the safest place for these types of shipments due to the violence in many of the Indian states. It is important for UK freight forwarding companies to be able to offer air freight services from the security of the country to the location of the actual delivery recipient. However, even with the advent of the new world wide web, there is still little difference between booking air freight services in India and booking road freight services from the UK.

The Middle East is a growing area for the transport of goods. As more Middle Eastern countries develop stronger economic ties with the UK it will become even more essential for the UK to maintain a consistent high standards of safety and security of its cargo in order to continue using Middle Eastern cargo shipments for the delivery of UK goods. The UK has a very successful freight forwarders in Dubai however, because Dubai has developed into a major international exporter of goods. A lot of the freight going in and out of Dubai is moved by air. Just like many other areas around the world, the UK will continue to rely on highly qualified and experienced freight forwarding companies to provide the logistics necessary to move its goods to the locations where they need to be delivered.

Transport of goods by road is a relatively inexpensive process. Freight forwarders will often bill their clients for the labour and delivery time required to move the shipment, which can add up significantly in comparison to what a similar shipment would cost through the use of rail transport. For companies that are just starting out or are expanding their business, the increase in freight shipping costs can be extremely restrictive, especially if they are moving goods that require extensive logistics such as refrigeration.

Shipping by road has a number of advantages. Most shipments by road will require only one mode of transport, which makes the logistics involved considerably easier to manage, particularly in terms of costs. In addition, a large number of UK shipments can safely be shipped through individual ports, rather than having to use the larger and more expensive commercial ports that exist in the Middle East. These means that companies that wish to ship goods in this fashion do not need to invest in large custom docks at either Essex or Dubai, allowing them to save on dock space.

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