Corporate Blogging – What’s Their Agenda?

Corporate blogging is beginning to take off with more business going on-line and creating blogs. The thing with corporate blogs is that they all have their own different agenda or goals they want to achieve through their blog. Depending on what industry a company is in, could determine what their blog is like.

For example, a company who is heavily involved with communications such as broadcast companies, newspapers, radio stations, and so on are more apt to integrate blogging into their company. This is because blogging is part of the “communication field” and those people in that industry are always looking for new ways to reach out to people and how to get news to more audiences. They still have to be reporting accurate news and citing their sources since that is the way of the journalism field.

Their main agenda is to get more people reading about the news through their news outlet By doing this through blogging, they can create a closer relationship between the readers and news anchors or reporters since blogs tend to create a more personal atmosphere.

In looking at a different company’s perspective, blogging may be looked as more of another marketing tool. It’s another way to reach more potential customers. But some company’s have to be careful about what they say on their blogs-even though it tends to be an informal atmosphere.

A medical company such as one that deals with pharmaceuticals have to make sure they say the correct things about their drugs on their blog or else they could be liable for what they say. In the medical field, things must be worded a certain way and promises can’t be made or else the FDA will be on their backs about it. Their agenda in this case is to get people to buy their medical products. By creating a blog about it, it seems like it’s more of a third-party telling viewers the benefits of them instead of the actual medical company doing so which creates more trust.

Companies involved with the financial field who are blogging, may be doing so to communicate with their customers and encourage interaction and more education about what their company’s services can provide. They must be careful with their numbers because if they report something like an inaccurate percentage rate, their customers could get angry. Essentially their agenda is to get more people involved with their financial offerings and investments.

Every corporation has their own agenda when creating a blog. Corporate blogs should be honest and not fake when they are blogging and should write with the intent of creating a good relationship with the readers. If your corporate blog is stuffy and too informational, then viewers will take it as advertising and won’t be interested in reading your blog in the future. It’s not wrong to have an agenda, but be sure to do it the right way or else your corporate blog won’t do you any good.

If you are like me, and want to make money online, then you have probably considered blogging. I have read online that people who want to earn an income online often drift into blogging because “everyone’s doing it.” This work on the assumption that blogging will allow them to easily build a website and therefore help them build a business. The problem is that building a website of any kind is only a fraction is what is needed for the building of an online business. In addition, blogging is a time intensive way to build quality web content and is a mistake for most small businesses.

Blogging works well for a news oriented website that is providing the latest updates or information on a given topic. Bloggers merely keep adding new posts, one after another, without editing out the old posts and often without any way of pulling related posts together into related articles or web pages. This leads visitors of a blog to ignore the old material and only visit the latest post. Almost no one really does a lot of reading of old posts or older material because it is time stamped and every visitor knows exactly how old the material is when found on an old blog post. So, while many websites have a blog portion of the site, most have trouble using a blog for anything more than the latest information about the website or about the website topic.

I read online that the proof is in the results of a “Google Search”. When you want to find information on a specific topic or niche and you go to Google to search for information on the web, what do you find? Do you find theme based websites or do you find blogs? You only find blogs about a topic if you are specifically looking for blogs and include the term blog in your search.

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