Adding Your Spectrum Email Address To Your Web Browser

How do you set up your new Spectrum Email account? This is an easy step-by-step procedure that should only take a few moments to complete. Once your account is set up Spectrum Email, you will be asked to enter in some details about the email service you are signing up for. The following information will be used in the next step to create your unique email address for your Spectrum Account.

How do you access your email account? To get started, log into your Spectrum email account. From the Home page, click on Account. Select the Email tab. Under the Account Settings icon, click the Account Reset button.

When you have finished setting up your account, log in again to access your new email address. On the Account tab, select the User Name tab. Enter your username and your password and click Save. Your username and password are now stored in your Spectrum email account, thus allowing you to log in easily from any computer with the same account name. Your email address has been reset, so you can use it again.

If you have previously signed up with the same email provider, follow the same procedures. Go to the Account Settings and select the Add Account button. A pop up window will appear. Click the Browse and enter the details for the email account you want to add. Finally, fill out the necessary information.

Before continuing, ensure that your account is available. If it is not accessible, try contacting the email provider or contact the helpdesk for assistance. There are times when your email provider might have made changes to the settings for the various email accounts. If this has occurred, you should update the list of users on your Spectrum email accounts to reflect the changes.

After you have successfully added an account, you should set the password. You can create a new password by clicking on Create New Password. If you need to remember your username or password, you should create them before you save your email provider account. It is a good idea to memorize your username and password because you will be unable to login as yourself if you forget these details. However, Spectrum will automatically change your username and password every time you log into the web browser, meaning you do not need to type these details each time.

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